PSK 226 Exp. Psy. II: Sensation & perception

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PSK 226 Experimental Psychology II: Sensation and Perception

At the end of this course students are expected to;
1. Differentiate sensation from perception.
2. Understand the importance of perception studies on different subareas of psychology.
3. Understand the nature of illusions.
4. Understand the relationship between sense organs and the brain.
5. Be skeptic about what their sense organs tell them.

Main Textbook:
Goldstein, E. B., & Brockmole, J. R. (2017). Sensation & Perception (10th Ed.). Boston: Cengage.

Evaluation and Grading
Mid Term (%40)
Part A (10%): A multiple choice exam in the midterm week.
Part B (30%): An essay exam in the midterm week.

Final Exam (%40)
Part A (10%): A multiple choice exam.
Part B (30%): An essay exam.

In Class Assignments and Homeworks (%20)
Quizzes, homeworks, questionnaires and other small exercises.

See you on Thursdays (09:00 - 11:50) at G-408.


Course Plan

22 Feb 2018 - Welcome to the Miracle (Chapter 01)
01 Mar 2018 - An Introduction to Perception (Chapter 01)
08 Mar 2018 - Perceptual Process (Chapter 02)
15 Mar 2018 - Neural Process I (Chapter 02 and Chapter 03)